Ten Tips for Coming Up with Ideas for Original Content on Your Website

by Karen Etchells 8. March 2013 10:26

Most business owners wanting to attract new prospects to their website are keenly aware of the importance of fresh content. Search engines give higher rankings in search page results to sites with more relevant and timely content. The most obvious feature to include on a website to accomplish this is a blog.

However, it's not uncommon for business owners to be hesitant about starting such an endeavor.  Clearly, when it comes to how your business will be perceived online, it could do more harm than good if your business blog isn't kept up-to-date.

Investing time and resources to creating and maintaining a blog packed with useful information designed to build a following definitely has its advantages. A publishing schedule should be adhered to, as you'll want your readers to come back for more on a regular basis.  An editorial calendar is certainly an important tool that will help to keep you on track. But how will you meet the challenge of coming up with new and relevant topics to write about?

Here are a few ideas to help you to find interesting topics related to your field that are blog-worthy, as well as tips on incorporating a unique take on the subject at hand.

  1. Set up Google Alerts to catch the latest news in your industry. Approach your chosen topic with an emphasis on your opinions towards the subject matter.  Add your own commentary -- positive or negative -- offer advice, or spin it in a different direction.
  2. Think about what problems your products or services solve for customers. Offer case studies.
  3. Critique a book or conduct a product review.
  4. Focus on people. Interview prominent leaders in your field or profile an employee who goes the extra mile.
  5. Make a video of your product or service. Come up with new or unusual ways to create interesting or amusing visuals in action.
  6. Share mistakes. Talk about what you may have done wrong in the past and explain the learning process and what keeps you moving forward.
  7. Try mind mapping. This is a technique where you draw a chart with your main topics circled. Add branches related to those main ideas for spin-off concepts. This technique provides a method of building a picture to show how interconnected ideas can sprout new topics which can be further explored.
  8. Write about upcoming events, holidays, happenings and promotions.
  9. Create lists > Top ten ways to...
  10. Answer questions. What questions do your customers commonly ask?

Quality website content is the difference between holding your reader's attention and losing their interest. Online writing requires a different approach than writing for print.  To help our customers effectively communicate their message to online readers, Driven Internet Marketing specializes in developing customized content for the web. If you would like to learn more about ways we can help you with online marketing, contact us at 1-888-828-6611 for a free consultation.

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