Delivering Content with Fewer Clicks

by Lindsey McColl 20. December 2012 10:44

Make Your Website Content More Accessible

When a person visits a website, they are often looking for something specific, be it a certain product or a specific bit of information. Making it difficult or overly time-consuming to find that content can become a deterrent.

In order to improve your site’s usability, it’s important to deliver content – especially your most popular content – within just a few, easy-to-spot clicks. Burying a link at the very bottom of the footer or placing it three pages deep isn’t helpful for your site visitors and makes it unlikely that they will follow it.

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Draw readers into your content by serving it to them early on in your site navigation and make it easy for them to access your content without clicking over and over.

Here’s some tips on how to do this:

Make your links easy to read. Use obvious buttons with bold fonts in your menus and a bright, attention-grabbing style on your in-text links. You want to make sure your readers know where they should be clicking.

ALWAYS have a menu on your home page. Overly designed landing pages with a minimal amount of text and links lost popularity when web designers realized that average users were turned-off by having to search for “Easter egg-style” hidden navigation.

Use drop-down menus in your top menu bar to facilitate easy access to both second- and third-level pages from every webpage of your site.

Use in-text links where appropriate. If you’re mentioning a product or service on another page of your site, why not use that mention as a link? That way, interested visitors can check it out instantly rather than having to start the navigation process over.

When blogging, use keyword tags. Most blogging platforms allow you to link from one post to other related posts by using keyword tags (often demarcated by a hashtag) that clarify the subject. This way, readers who are interested in a specific subject can see what other content you have to offer with just one click.

When creating new webpages, remember that helping visitors find what they’re looking for can help them have a positive association with your brand.

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