Important Factors for Supporting Mobile Web Development

by Ben Sawyer 29. December 2011 09:56

The mobile web is no different in terms of basic scope and functionality than that of its desktop counterpart. It’s the dissemination of information made available to everyone with a browser. It’s important then to ensure that that information accessed by the end user is interfaced and formatted properly inside of whatever browser they are using.  There is an excellent post written by Brad Frost that addresses the issue of support vs. optimization relevant to the growing mobile market and browser/OS diversity.

Brad offers an excellent jumping off point as well as several references to familiarize yourself with the mobile browser landscape. He summarizes his call to action by suggesting, “Start with a strong, semantic foundation, layer on styles smartly and add in unobtrusive Javascript to build up the experience.”

Having a site that reaches across devices is important; whether that means conditionally loading separate resources, designing fluid layouts to adapt to screen resolutions, or limiting the reliance on JavaScript functionality. So check out Brad's post for more specific examples of what you can do and what to look for when it comes to developing websites for the mobile web.

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