Common Website Mistakes to Avoid

by Arielle Melino 9. July 2014 11:12
A website is he most important sources of information that your business can provide for customers. Creating a website that hosts this information in a user-friendly fashion, however, is no simple task. Small mistakes could cause dissatisfaction that will make visitors want to leave. Fortunately, these mistakes are easy to avoid once you are aware of them. Here are some common mistakes to watch out for. [More]

With Mobile & Tablet Usage on the Rise, is What Displays "Above the Fold" Less Relevant?

by Karen Etchells 5. December 2013 09:40
Even with changing factors affecting today's approach to web design, one point continues to hold true -- You have only a few initial seconds to capture the attention of a visitor. Within that brief time-frame, it's essential that your strategy is aimed at meeting user expectations. [More]

Ten Ideas for Coming Up With Meaningful Blog Topics

by Karen Etchells 30. September 2013 11:59
To generate a list of great topics for your blog, come up with a few keyword phrases potential customers might use in a search to find your business online. Writing content around these phrases can pay off by targeting your website as a valued resource for information on those topics. Here are some approaches you may want to try to get the ball rolling. [More]

What are the Most Effective Color Combinations for Your Brand?

by Lindsey McColl 27. September 2013 06:36
Your online color scheme should match your brand; making your logo fit naturally into the design is key to branding. But in addition, the colors you use to accent your site -- think headlines, buttons, image captions -- should be chosen carefully and meaningfully. [More]

Social Media Methods for B2B

by Karen Etchells 5. September 2013 06:50
As-a-B2B-marketer-its-important-to-keep-in-mind-that-while-your-target-market-may-not-be-on-social-media-primarily-to-seek-out-products-and-services-a-good-percentage-of-your-prospects-are-spending-time-there [More]

5 Simple Steps for Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

by Karen Etchells 29. August 2013 07:27
LinkedIn can be a valuable social platform for those in business. From raising awareness, to gaining insight and building connections, the potential for productive results is there, assuming you take advantage of the opportunities. Minimally, by attending to a few simple steps -- your business can be sought and discovered, and represented in a pos... [More]

Social Media Advertising - Is It Worthwhile?

by Karen Etchells 1. August 2013 07:28
Taking the next step to up the ante by participating in paid advertising on social platforms is not yet a widely accepted practice for many small businesses. It's new, and for many, unproven. However, focusing your efforts there could very well make a difference in your business having an edge over the competition. [More]

Manage Online Reviews to Positively Impact Your Business

by Karen Etchells 5. July 2013 11:04
Bad Reviews? Don't take offense. This is an opportunity to make your business better. [More]

How to Optimize the Contact Page on your Website

by Karen Etchells 26. June 2013 10:58
Getting people to fill out the "Contact Us" form on your website is the first step in getting them to do business with your company. To increase the chances of your website visitors following through, it's important to ensure that you've done all you can to make that connection. Smart design, effective calls-to-action, and a simplified process can make all the difference. [More]

Video Blogging Can Help Your Business to be Competitive Online

by Karen Etchells 5. June 2013 07:19
Creative video blogging for business can give your website a sure boost over the competition. It can be a powerful tool for spreading awareness that could take your blog and your business to the next level. [More]